Thursday, April 27, 2017

A New Sewing Room

Busy, busy, busy. 

Last year it was a remodel to the kitchen and laundry room. This year it is taking over the living/dining room combination and making it a sewing room. I should have done this years ago. We never used the room as it was painted a strange sort of dusty pink color and it was dark. The tree in the front of the house made it so very little light came in through the 3 windows.

The remodel began with the trimming of the tree in the front yard. The tree is 40 years old and had grown to having several branches that hung over the house. Not good in a storm. After the tree was professionally trimmed, two solar lights were installed to help bring light into the room.

This is as far as I got last year.

This year the room was emptied out and painting began. Bulking the color grey that everyone seems to be painting walls these days, a light green was chosen. I liked the one called "Positive Energy".

The old paint was a semi-gloss which from experience is hard to cover. I painted the hallway last year and it needed to be primed so that the color would not try to sneak through.
So here are some before pictures:
Here is the side closest to the kitchen.

The second side of the room. Notice the air intake that needs to be taken into account.

Here is the 3rd and 4th side of the room. The  4th side is mostly an opening to the entryway for the front door. We have never used the front door. The original furnace from 1968 was replaced 10 years ago, but before it was replaced it had left soot marks on the walls all over the house. Most walls in the house had been been cleaned and repainted, but this room remained original.

After scrubbing the walls here is the change a little bit of paint can make:

Here is the same view after painting:

Here is the first picture completed and some furniture added. I decided to use Kallax from IKEA. We have and IKEA in town and this furniture line makes for a nice work space.
I have left the bottom shelves open where the vent is to make sure I have good air flow. Then I turned my sights on to the window side. 

Plantation shutters were installed and I found a rug on line that matched the wall perfectly. I put wheels on the bottom of my work table shelves so that it could float in the room. Incidentally it is now the perfect height for a work table. The table top is  IKEA Bekant size 63"x31 1/2". Between the shelves and the table top are clear rubber bumpers. The bumpers hold the table top in place very nicely.

I am busy populating the room with all my sewing treasures and also sorting out the basement of all of my packed away sewing room. More on that later. Unfortunately all of this work has left me with very little time to sew. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Christmas Ornament Exchange results and a New Scarf

I thought I would show off this years Christmas ornaments I received in my yearly ornament exchange and some others. The blue on on the far left I made at my patchwork club in France. The three across the bottom that say Noel are inexpensive Chinese made ornaments I bought in France. I find ornaments with words other than English to be a rare find. I bought enough for everyone in my exchange. The Santa on the shelf was purchased at a Christmas market in Germany. The rest of the ornaments are from the exchange. 

As for the new scarf, last year one of my friends showed off some of the purchases she had made at Sewing at the Beach. Sewing at the Beach is an heirloom sewing retreat that takes place in mid-January every year.  I have never been, but I hear it is a lot of fun.

She had taken a class from an Australian woman by the name of Jan Kerton and had acquired a kit for a scarf. The scarf kit’s name is Acorn Scarf. I loved this kit so much I emailed Jan Kerton to see if I could buy a kit. As luck would have it, she was still in the United States and was able to mail it out to me. 

I had it in time to do the prep work making it my hand project that followed me to China. Then it followed me to France, twice. Then back to the US where the hand work was finally completed. It made a really nice travel project as everything was included. All I needed to do was hand sew and embroider it. The directions were easy to follow and the materials were high quality. Earlier this week I was able to machine sew it and complete it.
With the weather we are having in the south, I should get some wear out of it here this year. It will need to follow me back to France later this year as it is a very nice soft scarf.

While Sewing at the Beach 2017 was going on I texted a friend to see if Jan had any new kits and ended up buying a pillow kit. Her first kit was so much fun, I hope to be able to make the pillow kit one of my travel kits this year.